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Pat Montefusco:

On guitars, lead and background vocals.

Pat Montefusco Pat, a resident of Oceanside, NY, is the newest member of X-Session, playing his first gig with the band in February of '97. Born on August 6th, 1959, the Rosedale, Queens, native was exposed to rock 'n' roll for the first time on the fateful night in February of 1964 when The Beatles made their American debut on the Ed Sullivan show. Although not yet 5 years old, their appearance left a memorable impression on him.

Pat's older brother bought him his first guitar when he was twelve and he began to teach himself basic chords. Ironically, Pat was the bass-player in his first band because he was the only one who owned a bass, a cheap Japanese model. By the time he entered Holy Cross High School in 1973, he had switched back to a six-string and his band, Innervision, began to experience some success playing high school dances and sweet sixteen parties and the like.

By the late '70s, Innervision began to concentrate on writing and playing original music, written in large part by singer/rhythm guitarist Pete Colombo. By the mid-80's, however, the band members went their separate ways. Pat played in a wedding band with Colombo and Innervision bassist Pete Salvato briefly in the late-eighties, but for the most part spent this period of his life helping to raise his three young children, daughters Melodie and Camille, and son Paul. It was also during this time that Pete Colombo and Innervision drummer Nick Cangemi joined The Late Show, a rock 'n' roll copy band whose bass player was Ed Profet.

The urge to play music again became too strong though, and when Pete Salvato called Pat in 1993 with an offer to start a drummer-less acoustic trio along with guitarist Steve Farella, he was all too eager to oblige. This band, the appropriately-named Revival, also marked Pat's debut as a full-time lead singer. Revival enjoyed some success playing "unplugged" rock 'n' roll, most notably playing the December, 1993, Dixie Rock Festival in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, opening the show with a 45 minute acoustic tribute to the Allman Brothers Band. Later, after taking on a drummer, Bayside legend Billy "Billy O" Onisios, Pat and Steve worked electric guitars back into the act.

Early in 1997, Ed Profet, whom Pat knew from attending some of the Late Show's gigs, called and asked Pat if he could sit-in with Ed and drummer Jim Del, otherwise known as X-Session, until a full-time replacement for out-going guitarist Matt Schilling could be found. Pat agreed to work X-Session around his Revival schedule and, by late-summer of '97, with Revival seemingly on it's last legs, asked for the position permanently. The rest, as they say, is history.

When he's not making music, Pat is a perfectly-gruntled Postal worker in Bellmore, NY. He enjoys sports, especially the Mets and Jets, and is an avid reader, especially of non-fiction, historical works.

These are some sites that he goes to for guitar tablature and lyrics. Lord knows, they've saved a lot of wear and tear on the "pause" and "rewind" buttons on his cassette deck.

For a great website for everything concerning the guitar, go to WholeNote.

To discuss tablature or lyrics with this perfectly-gruntled Postal worker, send him an .

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