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XO Wine & Chocolate

On Saturday July 27th, an X-Session trio of Jim, Ed, and myself(Pat) will play a midsummer night’s gig at XO Wine & Chocolate Lounge, 69 Wall St., Huntington. We’ll play semi-acoustic and seated, much the way the three of us played all our dates in the late 90′s. We start at 9 PM.

And on Sunday August 4th we have a return date at Claudio’s, 111 Main St.,Greenport. Remarkably, as the summer flies by, this is our last date at Claudio’s until Labor Day weekend!

If any of you haven’t seen the recent videos we recorded (or even if you have and want to see them again!) you can check them out on Jim’s YouTube channel: youtube.com/roygbiv3737.

Have a great week.


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